DeLon R. Warren is a freelance storyboard artist. Once a kid doing flipbook animations on the sides of grade school textbooks, DeLon became instantly enamored by the boundless creative potential granted by animation. He received a BA in Animation and Digital Arts from the University of Southern California after finishing his 7-minute senior thesis about the absurdist exploits of 


a robot named Robot-Homie. He has interned at Animatus Studio from his hometown in Rochester, New York, and Stoopid Buddy Studios out in Burbank, California. Currently working as a freelance storyboard artist, DeLon has worked closely with clients to create storyboards and animatics with compelling and cohesive narratives, ranging from light and comical to serious and emotional. If he’s not working on his Cintiq Wacom tablet, you can find him at your local Ralph’s buying a cake because he realized that, as an adult, he didn’t need a justifiable reason to do so. Please feel free to message him if you have any storyboarding or animation inquiries! 



PHONE:  585.766.8784

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